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Have you ever made a Biscuitville purchase? Are you a Biscuitville’s regular customer? How does visiting Biscuitville make you feel? What is your opinion of Biscuitville’s product, service, and other aspects? Biscuitville collects comments on its official website Survey, to learn how you feel about a recent visit and to provide you with a chance to win Biscuitville’s prizes, such as a validation code, if you enter a contest.

Thousands of people visit the BiscuitVille eatery in various locations across the United States. As a result, your feedback is critical to the restaurant’s success. When you visit the store and order something from the menu, you can enter TellBvl for a chance to win a free biscuit. As a result of the survey, you will receive excellent service on your next visit.

After you’ve eaten a meal at one of TellBvl’s fast-food outlets, you can provide feedback on their website. This restaurant is well-known in the United States, particularly in North Carolina and Virginia. So, I’ll walk you through the TellBvl process so that you can participate easily following your visits.

Why Tell Bvl Online Survey?

Biscuitville is a fast-food restaurant chain in the United States that focuses on food. Maurice Jennings began the company as a pizza franchise. Based in North Carolina, the franchise has over 54 sites in North Carolina and Virginia.

Through the Biscuitville Opinion Survey programme, Biscuitville verifies consumer satisfaction with their fresh experience and collects feedback. The Biscuitville Customer Satisfaction Survey at aids the business in gathering feedback and comments on its customer service. Is the staff friendly or unfriendly? Is the quality of the food and the environment excellent or bad? What foods do foodies adore the most? as well as numerous other assertions


So, if you’ve enjoyed your meals at Biscuitville, please participate in the Biscuitville Survey and help the chain improve.

About Biscuitville

It all began with a family biscuit recipe that forever altered the course of southern cuisine. Biscuitville Fresh Southern is a privately held, family-owned chain of quick-service restaurants noted for serving high-quality southern cuisine. Every dish at Biscuitville is prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional southern recipes that delight customers’ palates. Biscuitville now has 55 sites in North Carolina and Virginia.

What are the Requirements to take the online survey?

The following are the requirements for taking the Survey:

  • To participate in the Biscuitville Guest Satisfaction Survey, you’ll need a device with a reliable internet connection, such as a laptop, PC, or smartphone.
  • To access the tellbvl survey, you must have a recent receipt from your nearest Biscuitville outlet with the survey number provided at the top.
  • You must be able to communicate in English or Spanish at a basic level.

What are the Terms of Participation in the Online Survey?

Every organisation has its own set of rules and regulations that you must follow to have a smooth participation procedure. There is a requirement for TellBvl that you must meet to participate in the survey. There are also norms and regulations to follow. I’ve listed some of the conditions below so that you can join and enjoy your time.

  • Residents of the United States of America and the United Kingdom can participate in the poll.
  • A recent receipt from a visit to Biscuitville is necessary to access the survey.
  • To join Biscuitville’s Guest Satisfaction Survey, individuals must be 13 years old.
  • The users must have a basic command of the English language.
  • You must complete the survey within a week of your most recent visit to Biscuitville.
  • Employees, their families, sponsors, and subsidiaries are not permitted to participate in the Biscuitville Survey.
  • Users are not allowed to sell or distribute their validation code coupons.
  • At any given time, only one person can redeem a single offer.
  • The validation code received at the end of the tellbvl survey is only valid for 30 days, so redeem the offer within that time limit.

What are the steps to Participate in the Tell Bvl Online Survey?


The steps for taking the Tell Bvl Survey, which can be found at, are outlined below so that clients can complete the survey using this well-written survey guide and earn exciting prizes.

  1. Go to Survey
  2. Please note that fields marked with a star are essential. Make sure you’re answering from your perspective and that the feedback isn’t skewed. You must complete this survey on your behalf; do not undertake it on behalf of someone else.
  3. You’ll find a wealth of information on the Biscuitville survey’s welcome screen. Pay close attention to the directions.
  4. By clicking on the blue Espanol link on the lower side of the “Start” button, you can change the default language to Spanish.
  5. After completing the Biscuitville survey, you’ll be given a validation number that you may use to redeem the offer on your receipt.
  6. To enter the essential information, look at your Biscuitville purchase receipt.
  7. To begin, type in the 14-digit number found on the bottom of your Biscuitville register receipt.
  8. After that, enter the time from the top right corner of your Biscuitville receipt.
  9. Check the information you’ve entered twice before pressing the Start button.
  10. Answer the survey questions based on your Biscuitville experience.
  11. You’ll be requested to submit personal information for a more in-depth investigation.
  12. Finally, you’ll be given a validation code, which you must write down to read the deal on your Biscuitville register receipt.

What are the Rewards for Completing the Tellbvl Online Feedback Survey?


Surveys are rewarded in a variety of ways by different companies. Others may present you with offers, while others reward you with cash or certificates. Furthermore, some organisations like to provide you with gift coupons that you can use to redeem anything on the menu that is equivalent to the incentive. You will receive the following incentives after completing the survey.

  • Biscuits for free
  • Validation code to redeem during your next visit.
  • Invitations to additional offers are also available.

Contact BiscuitVille

  • You can contact them via their customer care agent at the following phone number:336-553-3700

           Monday – Saturday 5 AM–2 PM

           Sunday 6 AM–2 PM

  • If you require any additional assistance, you may contact them at the following address: Restaurant Support Center

                                                                           1414 Yanceyville St.

                                                                           Suite 300 Greensboro, NC 


  • Biscuitville can also be contacted by email at the following
  • You can also reach out to them through their social media handles in the following links.

Facebook –

            Instagram –


            Pinterest –


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Final Words

TellBvl’s customer satisfaction survey, available at Survey, allows you to express your thoughts, comments, or concerns to improve their service in the future. Biscuitville is glad to hear your candid and valuable input to provide the most significant possible client experience.

To be a part of something positive, go to the TellBvl survey, fill out the needed information, and answer the survey questions. Each consumer will receive a validation code that may be used to redeem the offer on their sales receipt. Leave a comment below about your honest Biscuitville experience!